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Batch Type Aluminum Brazing Furnance

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Batch Type Aluminum Brazing Furnance


  1. Generator, aircraft, large vessel, borrowing in advance parts, aluminum Radiator etc., large size aluminum ware, are a Furnace that do Brazing.
  2. Utilizes space that is less and is get satisfaction on customer requirement.


Atmosphere Gas for Heat-Treatment
Protective atmosphere for brazing shall be selected depending upon workpiece metal material & filler metal consumption. It is important to select economically cheeper gas but also cosideration about gas price as well cost of regeneration process should be taken up.
Gases normally used as regeneration raw gas are ammonia, several petroleum gas, blast furnace gas, air & combustion exhaust gas.
Gases to bel supplied from gas generating plant and to be used straight or mixed with others are nitrogen, hydrogen & argon.